Cubanito Egg Sandwich

Our most popular breakfast sandwich. Baked Egg, Ham, Salami, Swiss Cheese, Pickles, Mayonnaise, & Mustard on a Freshly Pressed Cuban Bread.


Our Cuban Style Breakfast. Two Eggs Sunny Side Up or Scrambled with your Protein choice. Serve with Casa Fries or Tater Tots and a Cuban Tostada. Choose a Coffee or Café con Leche.


Lynette's perfect Egg Omelet with Onions, Pepper, & Cheese. Add your toppings for an additional cost. Serve with Casa Fries or Tater Tots and Spiced-Chop Sauce.

Fusion Omelet Sandwich

2 Eggs, choice of Ham or Pork. Shredded Cheese, Tomatoes, Cooked Onions, Potatoes Stix on a freshly Pressed Cuban Bread.

"NEW" Cuban Egg & Cheese Sandwich

Great morning start. Egg, American cheese, mayonnaise, mustard. Served on a toasted Cuban Roll.

Avocado Bagel Toast

Smashed Avocado with House Seasoning on a Freshly Toasted Bagel.


Hot Melted Rich Butter on a Fresh Pressed Cuban Bread.

Café con Leche (12 oz) & Tostada

Café con Leche, serve with Butter on a Freshly Pressed Cuban Bread

Plain Bagel with Add-on

Fresh Plain Bagel, choice of add-ons.

Tater Tots 10 pc.

Our golden-brown, crispy bite sized nuggets sprinkled with garlic salt.