Savory Treats


Crispy, bite-size logs combined with a filling and coated in breadcrumbs. Ham, Chicken, Cheese, and Spinach Croquettes are the perfect breakfast or snack! (order comes with only 1 croquette or 4 croquettes sampler)

Papa Rellena

Potato ball filled with picadillo (ground beef, onions, peppers, and Spanish seasonings) coated in panko bread crumbs and fried to perfection.

Maduros (Sweet Plantains) Single Serving 4 pieces.

Sweet fried plantains, fried to perfection for that deep caramelization and custardy interior. Cooked to order, 10 min.

Potato Chips

Delicious Crisp Chips. Personal Size, 1 oz Bag

Casa Fries and Dip

Perfect, crispy golden Fries with a soft, fluffy interior. Seasoned with Garlic Salt and served with Red-Mojo Sauce.

Fresh Baked Cuban Bread

Baked fresh daily. limited amount.

Frijoles Negro (Black Beans)

Grandma’s old recipe, a tradition with no changes preserving texture and taste. Cuban Black bean made to perfection.

Tostones 4 pc. with Dipping Sauce

There is never a wrong time for tostones. Fried Green Plantains, sprinkled with light garlic salt.

Yuca Rellena (stuffed Yuca Fritters)

You will love this crunchy and creamy Latin treat. A yuca dough filled with spiced Ground Beef that is fried into a fitter.

Miami Cuban Tamal

Our delicious Cuban Tamal topped with sauté onions and Casa-Mojo Sauce. Served with Saltine Crackers. A Cuban way to enhance the flavor.

Gourmet White Rice

A cup of our fluffy white rice. Eat it as an appetizer or as a side dish to mix with our meets, beans, or any of our savories.

Mini Potato Balls

Mini Potato Ball snack , 4 pack. Beef and Pork.

Cuban Empanada

A perfect homemade Empanada. Baked not Fried for a crispy delicious taste.

Mini Empanada x3

Mini Empanada snack trio. Baked not Fried for a crispy delicious taste. Choice of Chicken and Spinach.

Lechon-Roasted Pork - Single Serving

One serving of our Lechon- Roasted Pork with Casa-Mojo.

Roasted Chicken - Single Serving

One serving of our Roasted Chicken with Casa-Mojo.