Savory Treats


Crispy, bite-size logs combined with a filling and coated in breadcrumbs. Ham, Chicken, and Cheese Croquettes are the perfect breakfast or snack! (order comes with only 1 croquette, order as many as you like)

Papa Rellena

Potato ball filled with picadillo (ground beef, onions, peppers, and Spanish seasonings) coated in panko bread crumbs and fried to perfection.

Maduros (Sweet Plantains) Single Serving 4 pieces.

Sweet fried plantains, fried to perfection for that deep caramelization and custardy interior. Cooked to order, 10 min.

Cuban Tamales

Authentic Tamales with a masa dough and pork filling that strikes the perfect balance between rich and tangy, savory and sweet.

Beef Empanada

A perfect homemade Beef Empanada. Baked not Fried for a crispy delicious taste.

Spinach Empanada

A perfect homemade Spinach Empanada. Baked not Fried for a crispy delicious taste.

Casa Fries and Dip

Perfect, crispy golden Fries with a soft, fluffy interior. Seasoned with Garlic Salt and served with Red-Mojo Sauce.

Chicken Empanada

A perfect homemade Chicken Empanada. Baked not Fried for a crispy delicious taste.

Frijoles Negro (Black Beans)

Grandma’s old recipe, a tradition with no changes preserving texture and taste. Cuban Black bean made to perfection.

Tropical Yuca Fries (4 Pieces)

Yuca fries are a crispy fried snack bite. Serve with garlic salt and Cilantro Aioli Sauce.

Yuca Rellena (stuffed Yuca Fritters)

You will love this crunchy and creamy Latin treat. A yuca dough filled with spiced Ground Beef that is fried into a fitter.

Cuban Bread Loaf

Baked fresh daily. limited amount.

Gourmet White Rice

A cup of our fluffy white rice. Eat it as an appetizer or as a side dish to mix with our meets, beans, or any of our savories.

Miami Cuban Tamal

Our delicious Cuban Tamal topped with sauté onions and Casa-Mojo Sauce. Served with Saltine Crackers. A Cuban way to enhance the flavor.

Ham & Cheese Empanada

A perfect homemade Empanada. Baked not Fried for a crispy delicious taste.

Mini Empanada x3

Mini Empanada snack trio. Baked not Fried for a crispy delicious taste. Choice of Chicken and Spinach.

Cuban Style Boiled Yuca

Our yucca recipe boiled and served hot then topped with Casa-Mojo Sauce. (a garlic and onions house-mix).

Mini Potato Balls x4

Mini Potato Ball snack , 4 pack. Beef and Pork.