Sweet Treats

Lucky Charms Bombs

Another special creation from Lynette. A tinted white chocolate bomb filled with hot chocolate mix and lots of Lucky Charms Marshmallows. Just drop the bomb into an 8 oz. cup of hot milk.

Apple Cinnamon Spice Bar

Our fresh baked Cinnamon Bar with apples spice crumble topped off with vanilla cream cheese glaze.

Green M&M Sugar Cookie

Green M&M sugar cookie topped off with vanilla bean cream.

Guava Bar

Lynette’s home-made traditional recipe Guava Bars. A dense Shortbread cookie flavored with rich, sweet Guava Jam in the middle and topped with a Vanilla crumble

Rum Butter Cake

Moist Bundt cake soaked in rum butter syrup.

Abuela's Cuban Flan - 6"

A full 6" round Abuela's Flan (Please order 24 hrs. in advance)

Cuatro Leche (Four Milks)

Lynette's Cuatro Leches Cake - soft, tender, moist and sweet cake soaked in four different flavors of milk.

Abuela's Cuban Flan - 8"

A full 8" round Abuela's Flan (Please order 24 hrs. in advance)

Abuela's Cuban Flan - Personal Size

Authentic Cuban flan with delicious sweetness and a caramel coating.